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1 Pound at a Time

Our Saturday Weight Watcher’s meeting topic was about community.  Not just the community you find on e-Tools but the WHOLE Weight Watchers community (nationally and internationally).  The Lose for Good program (where we were challenged to bring in 1 lb of food for every pound we lost) ended.  4 million pounds were lost by members and Weight Watchers donated 1 million dollars to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger.

Frank gave us a graphic mental image to think about.  All that food we donated we once used to carry around on our bodies.  I had donated close to 10 lbs. of food and don’t want to think about being back at that point on the scale.  I feel so much better now knowing that I am not carrying that weight and food equivalent is going to someone who can use it.

I had brought more food with me (forgetting that the drive was over) but realized that even if the Lose for Good program was over there are plenty of local food kitchens and food banks that would be happy to take my donations.  With Thanksgiving and other holidays approaching the need to stock food pantries never ends.  So if you are losing weight why not think about donating a pound of food to your local food bank for every pound you lose.  Not only will it make you feel good to donate the food but you’ll also reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


Cleaning Out My Closet

Today’s meeting was about cleaning out your home so that it helps you with your journey.  Keeping healthy choices in your kitchen – not eating food (or keeping) food in your bedroom but also about cleaning out your clothes.  As we lose weight things obviously no longer fit.  Our leader asked us if any of us still had clothes that don’t fit (as in too large) in our closets.  I know I’m guilty of that.

We need to not keep those clothes anymore – we hope (and work hard) to not get back to that point where we need them.  Goodwill Industries and consignment shops are the perfect solution.  Let others benefit from your healthy choices and weight loss.  So on this perfect fall weekend go ahead and clean out your closet of clothes that no longer fit – donate them so someone else can benefit.

Another benefit of consignment shops and Goodwill is an option for that transitional period everyone goes through on their weight loss journey.  If you haven’t reached your goal yet but have lost enough that clothes aren’t fitting correctly, stop at Goodwill or consignment shops to pickup some clothes that fit now without paying full price.

While you are at it clean out your pantry as well.  Weight Watchers is still collecting 1 lb of food for every pound you lose as part of their Lose for Good program.   So if you’ve held onto any food you aren’t using why not let someone who is less fortunate benefit as well getting rid of that tempting item from your pantry.

Fall is the perfect time for cleaning out closets, pantries and all the other baggage we have that may slow down our weight loss journey.  So take a few moments and do some good for yourself (it can count as activity points as well as getting rid of things that no longer fit or you no longer eat) as well as someone else.