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What I Love About Meetings

I think most of us internally cringe at the sound of the word “meeting”.  Work related meetings can often be the bane of our daily lives.  However, on the weekends there is one meeting I really look forward to!  My Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting.  Usually led by Pat, I gain wonderful insight, wisdom, strength and great food ideas from all the attending members.  This Saturday was no different.

Although Pat was taking some much-needed vacation time, our substitute leader, Frank, was just as good.  It always seems like whatever the topic that day the room remains quiet until the first person raises their hand and speaks.  Then the information, wisdom and great ideas just come tumbling out.

Squash.  Somehow that was one of those topics that started small and suddenly everyone had something to share about it.  Personally I’ve never been a big squash fan but after Saturday’s meeting I just might change that.   One member shared that she really liked using Spaghetti Squash instead of the real thing.  She said she always felt cheated with the small amount of pasta she portioned herself.  She substituted Spaghetti Squash instead and felt more satisfied (plus it’s a power food).  The one thing she said was the hardest part was cutting it in half so you can bake it first.  That is when another member piped up with her solution – poke few holes in it and microwave it.  Then when it’s done you can slice it without hassle.

Then Butternut Squash became the topic.  One member said she likes it sweeter so she puts Splenda and cinnamon on it – someone suggested you put it in the blender and puree it into a nice soup by adding some fat-free Half & Half.  Then another member suggested a more savory version of Butternut Squash – she put some olive oil on it and reduced fat or fat-free feta.   Yet another member said his wife prepares a dish with Summer Squash, black beans, seasonings and low-fat cheese.  All sound so yummy I immediately bought some when I went to the grocery store later that day.  I look forward to trying all of these suggestions and getting over my squash-phobia.

We ended the meeting with a quote (sorry not sure who it was attributed to) so I’m paraphrasing – Nothing tastes as good as it feels to get on the scale and see that it’s lower.  Indeed!  And trying new vegetables will certainly help me feel good.


Somtimes Better to Waste Than to Waist

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning being wasteful.  But sometimes it is better to waste than to have it on your waist.  This all came about because my son saw a package of Chex Mix on my desk.  He thought it was for him.  I said well you have it I only ate half of it because I didn’t want to use more points for the whole package.  He accused me of being wasteful.  My comeback to him was better to waste than to gain (or in this case add to my waist).

I also found some mini-chocolate bars that were hidden in a box of my training supplies.  I almost always have chocolate at my trainings – why do you think they are so well attended?  🙂  So instead of throwing them out I’ve been handing them to co-workers.  Yes, I could have 1 or 2 mini-chocolate bars as long as I tracked them but instead I figured it was better on someone else’s waistline than on mine or in the trash can.  They can always say no if they want (so can I).

So if you don’t want to be wasteful, find a co-worker, friend or family member to split that treat/snack/goodie with.  Not only is sharing good for your waistline but can bring a smile to someone’s face.  If you don’t have someone to share it with – toss it!  It is better to waste things once in a while than to go ahead and eat the whole thing (isn’t that what got us into trouble in the first place?  portions!)  Hopefully next time you’ll stop and think about whether or not you want that whole snack if there is no one to share with.