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I Believe In The Power Of Oops!

I’m a big believer in people learning more from their mistakes than their successes.  I remember one of my first bosses, Betty Crader, having that saying on her wall.  At the time I didn’t know how true it was when I was a teenager but now that I’m *cough* “older” I know it couldn’t be more true.

Every Saturday morning at 11am I attend my Weight Watchers meeting in Towson.  I’ve long said I think one of the biggest reasons Weight Watchers is so successful is due to the great information shared at these meetings.  Not just from the leader but all that attend (no matter how long they have worked the program everyone there has a different perspective and wonderful wisdom to share).  This past weekend was no different, I sat in the meeting all ready to start taking notes that would eventually become this blog post.  What’s that saying “best laid plans of mice and men” or maybe “man makes plans and God laughs”?  Interesting thing was the topic was “believe”.  Well as my post states, I believe in the power of oops!

For Christmas I got the brand new Asus Transformer Prime tablet.  The geek in me is loving it beyond words.  I was using it at the meeting to take notes (a lot easier than on my smartphone).  I used an app that came with the tablet but didn’t really like how it had been functioning.  So Wednesday night after an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (the latest version of Android) I started looking for other note taking apps.  Downloaded several and tried them out.  They were better than the original app I was using so I decided to uninstall the first app.  OOPS!  I completely forgot all my notes were there and away they went.

So what did I learn?  I learned that I’m human and I make mistakes (or bad judgement calls especially late at night – I was up late due to my dogs waking me and not being able to go back to sleep).  I learned that when sleep deprived don’t do anything rash.  I learned that I should not only backup my documents on my laptop (something I already do) but on my tablet as well.  So first thing this morning I performed a backup of my tablet.  Hopefully I won’t need to use it but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Sorry my post isn’t so much about all the great information shared at our Weight Watchers meeting but I think we can all learn something here and apply it to our journey.  Remember we all make mistakes – acknowledge them, learn from them but most importantly forgive yourself for making them.


When I Was A Child, I Ate Like A Child

Something seems to happen when we become adults.  We seem to forget what our parents tried to instill in us all those years ago.  Some very good advice was shared by a new “lifetime” member at Saturday’s meeting.  She had just read an article (and I too remember reading about this) that we need to go back to our childhood when it comes to eating.

The article’s point was we need to eat more like we did when we were children.  Our parents encouraged us to eat our fruits and veggies and to make sure we drank our glass of milk.  As Weight Watchers members this fits right into the program since most fruits and veggies are zero points value.  We need to include at least 5 servings as part of our Healthy Checks.  Also we need anywhere from 2-3 servings of dairy a day (depending on age or whether you are nursing).  Drinking that glass of milk during your meal is an easy way to get at least 1 serving in.

Also children tend to eat smaller portions and more frequently.  This is another thing that we tend to forget as we get older.  We settle into the 3 big meals a day routine because of work/school/life.  It is better to have 5 smaller portioned meals or snacks between those 3 main meals than it is to try and cram all our calories into 3 sittings.

So embrace your inner child and eat like one!  Okay, maybe minus the bib and throwing strained peas across the room 😉

Name Change But Address Stays The Same

I’ve been contemplating what to do since a few weeks ago my original Weight Watchers meeting point was closed down.  We all moved to the new location (new location same great faces – leader and receptionists).   When I first started this blog I struggled with what to call it but finally settled on WW Timonium to reflect that what I was trying to do was share the great information that was discussed each week at our meetings in Timonium.

I then also started sharing things I picked up along the way and the name didn’t quite ring true for me anymore but I didn’t want to change it.  Then we got word that our location in Timonium was closing and we’d be moving to Towson location.  I started going to the Towson location just after Thanksgiving and soon came to the conclusion that keeping the blog as WW Timonium was unfair and untrue.  For some time I considered starting a second blog and have posts mirror here but that didn’t seem efficient.  Then it dawned on me – just change the name but not the address.

So what to call this blog now?  I struggled again until I was typing WW Meeting Notes (which was my first name change) and realized that the WW stood not only for Weight Watchers but for Wise and Wonderful – meaning all the wonderful wisdom we share each week with each other.  So I settled on WW (Wise and Wonderful): Sharing What We Learn which I feel reflects the true mission of this blog better.  It isn’t always about stuff I want to share but also about the great things I learn from others in the meetings and my wanting to share that with others so we can all learn.

Although the name has changed the URL (or address) has not so if you are subscribed to this blog your RSS or email feeds should still work.

Get Up Off Your Seat & Get Up On Your Feet

Another Saturday morning meeting and again helpful information was once again provided at our Weight Watchers meeting.   Exercise seemed to be the topic of the day but especially moving more and sitting less.   We talked about TV time and what you can do to keep active.  Commercial television, DVR or TiVo and the pause button on remotes can be your best friend.

One member said you can move during the commercials instead of channel flipping (something we are guilty of in our household).  Suggestions ranged from cleaning up the kitchen after dinner or throwing in a load of laundry to at least keeping your hands busy by doing some cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting or scrap booking. One person even mentioned they do their tracking for the day while watching TV.

DVR or TiVo your favorite shows.  Then you can watch for 40 mins (if hour-long show) by fast forwarding through the commercials.  You’ll have at least 20 mins. left in that hour to find a way to MOVE.  Take those 20 minutes to pack tomorrow’s lunch, take out the trash or even a “potty break” (but use the furthest bathroom in the house to get the move moves in).

Another member said she only allows herself to watch her shows if she is exercising.  Whatever you do, whether it’s exercising on a machine or with weights or just getting up from the “Boob Tube” during commercials it will go a long way towards helping you.  For instance did you know by sitting for long periods of time you are actual more at risk for certain types of cancer?  Check out this video from Lynne Brick of Brick Bodies (my gym).  She sent out this Fitness Tip the same weekend as my meeting!