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No, not bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches (although that sounds really good right now) but instead Bites, Licks, and Tastes.  Our meeting on Saturday was all about tracking.  I’m glad it was because I’ve not been doing my best with it recently.  It was a good reminder for me to hear.  We talked about all the different things we track and not just WW items.  Some members keep track of their kids schedule of activities, gas mileage, car maintenance, but we also keep track of our points, our healthy checks (water especially), and those activity points!  If you stop to think about it we do a lot of tracking during a week.  Some found that tracking points is a chore and I have to admit that I can fall into that category.  Others like doing it because it gives them a real sense of accomplishment.  All I know is we do better when we track (I’m certainly proof of what happens when you don’t track).

Some members really liked the smiley faces you see in e-tools when you’ve hit your markers for your healthy checks.  Who says kids are the only ones who like to get star stickers or smiley faces for doing something correctly?  I loved the saying one member’s doctor said to her (and I paraphrase) “Do you go out and write ridiculous amounts of checks when you don’t have the money?  Then why are you spending your points that way?!”  That really hit home with me – don’t spend points that my body will have to pay for later.  Don’t get into debt with your money or your body.  Neither is healthy for you.  Track now so I don’t pay later.

Our leader, Pat, talked about an option for some that might make their tracking easier – Upside Down tracking.  This would probably work better for those who don’t use e-tools and use the paper tracker.  Instead of you thinking 6am until 6pm one day and factoring your points then – try 6pm until 6am the next day as one day.  Same number of points for each day but maybe turning things upside down might work better for you especially if you don’t have a normal 9-5 kind of lifestyle.  I love that Weight Watchers gives us options to be flexible with the plan.  I really believe that is one of many reasons why it works for so many.  Being able to tailor it to your life and needs makes it so much easier to makes those changes become a habit and a lifestyle change.

We ended the meeting with this great reminder that all those B.L.T’s do add up!

P.S.  A member mentioned something about the YMCA having a special offer going on.  I tried Googling about this but couldn’t find anything.  If you know more about this would you please comment.  Thanks!


2012 is Here!

PointsPlus is so last year!  Actually it’s been just a little over a year since Weight Watchers started their current PointsPlus program (Thanksgiving of 2010).  After a year of studying how this system works they are making a few changes.  If you use E-Tools you have already seen some of the changes.  The changes are aimed at making  your program more personal.

Some of you may have seen a reduction in points.  I know I did and wasn’t very happy at first.  I often found that 29 wasn’t enough to keep me satisfied during the day and wound up using my bonus points.  Nice thing is I can take the new number (26) or I can choose to take anything in between (26 – 29).  So if 29 is working for me I can stick with it.  Other members found that this number was too high so the lower points will work for them.  It’s all about options.

Many of us have loved that fruits (and most vegetables) are zero points.  But if you find that you are eating a lot of fruit and not losing like you want you have another option.  Cut out one fruit or if you want to keep them in there add a point for one of your fruits.  I’m one of those people who if I eat more than 2 fruits every day I don’t do as well on the program.  So I try to limit myself to 2 fruits and I do much better.  Again it’s about options and what works for you.

Take a moment after your next meeting to learn more about the new PointsPlus 2012 program by attending a short PowerStart introduction.  This is a 3 part series that will include PowerSpaces (setting up your environment for success), PowerChoices (flexibility in what you eat), and PowerPlans (learning skills to handle dining out and other occasions).

Remember to be like a reed and not the mighty oak – bend (or be flexible) instead of rigid so your plan will work for you!

Give Credit!

Everyone is talking about credit these days.  Credit cards, debit cards, defaulting on loans, whole countries in trouble…but this is a different kind of credit.  Give credit.  Give yourself some credit.

Many of us on the weight loss/maintenance journey know it’s not an easy road.  We have our ups (which are always great) and our downs as well.  We need to take time and celebrate the small accomplishments instead of getting caught up in the little road bumps.

So give yourself credit:

  • for going to a meeting every week
  • for tracking your points (even if you forget to do all of them give yourself credit for the ones you DID track)
  • for exercising (even if it is just parking your car at the end of the lot)
  • for going online and using your e-tools
  • for changing your eating habits (healthier choices, smaller portions)
  • even give yourself credit for the slips ups you may experience because that means you are human and you are alive!

It is easy to give yourself credit when things are going right but when those eventual human slip ups happen (pound gained, exercise forgotten, un-healthy choices made) try to give yourself something else – a little slack.  Try to focus on what you did accomplish and not zone in on the slip up.  The slip ups give us an opportunity to learn.

Two weeks ago I knew I hadn’t been as faithful as usual so I wasn’t surprised to find that I had gained (2.2 lbs) that week instead of losing.  The first time that happened to me I was devastated.  I spent the whole meeting in my car on the phone to my husband crying.  The smartest thing he did was encourage me to go back in and talk to my leader.  I did and she was very helpful.  She gave me lots of food for thought (zero points!!!) and some suggestion plus the encouragement I needed.  The following week I had not only lost the pounds I had gained but an additional 2 lbs. as well.  So when this happened again I knew I needed to learn something.  I went back and reviewed my week – saw where I had not made some wise choices and made some changes.  Again at the next weigh in I lost those pesky 2.2 lbs. and 1.8 more!  Instead of the glass half empty this time I looked at it as half full.  I looked at it as an opportunity to learn and change so I could continue down the right path.  I didn’t beat myself up (which is my usual habit) instead I gave myself CREDIT for being calm, not crying, for learning and moving on.

So no matter what that scale says I know you did something this week that you celebrate – so give yourself some credit.  It may not be any good at the bank but it will make you much richer in the long run.