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No, not bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches (although that sounds really good right now) but instead Bites, Licks, and Tastes.  Our meeting on Saturday was all about tracking.  I’m glad it was because I’ve not been doing my best with it recently.  It was a good reminder for me to hear.  We talked about all the different things we track and not just WW items.  Some members keep track of their kids schedule of activities, gas mileage, car maintenance, but we also keep track of our points, our healthy checks (water especially), and those activity points!  If you stop to think about it we do a lot of tracking during a week.  Some found that tracking points is a chore and I have to admit that I can fall into that category.  Others like doing it because it gives them a real sense of accomplishment.  All I know is we do better when we track (I’m certainly proof of what happens when you don’t track).

Some members really liked the smiley faces you see in e-tools when you’ve hit your markers for your healthy checks.  Who says kids are the only ones who like to get star stickers or smiley faces for doing something correctly?  I loved the saying one member’s doctor said to her (and I paraphrase) “Do you go out and write ridiculous amounts of checks when you don’t have the money?  Then why are you spending your points that way?!”  That really hit home with me – don’t spend points that my body will have to pay for later.  Don’t get into debt with your money or your body.  Neither is healthy for you.  Track now so I don’t pay later.

Our leader, Pat, talked about an option for some that might make their tracking easier – Upside Down tracking.  This would probably work better for those who don’t use e-tools and use the paper tracker.  Instead of you thinking 6am until 6pm one day and factoring your points then – try 6pm until 6am the next day as one day.  Same number of points for each day but maybe turning things upside down might work better for you especially if you don’t have a normal 9-5 kind of lifestyle.  I love that Weight Watchers gives us options to be flexible with the plan.  I really believe that is one of many reasons why it works for so many.  Being able to tailor it to your life and needs makes it so much easier to makes those changes become a habit and a lifestyle change.

We ended the meeting with this great reminder that all those B.L.T’s do add up!

P.S.  A member mentioned something about the YMCA having a special offer going on.  I tried Googling about this but couldn’t find anything.  If you know more about this would you please comment.  Thanks!


Hitting That Dreaded Plateau

I’ve been very lucky that since I joined Weight Watchers in June of 2011 I’ve had pretty much a downhill journey.  Of course occasionally the numbers crept back up the hill a bit but the following week I was back on track with losing.  I thought I was going to be lucky and miss the dreaded plateau altogether.  No such luck.  My scale has stayed constant since last Saturday.  Worst part is last Saturday was one of those “I gained a little bit” weeks.  So I’ve been trying to tighten things up this weeks in hopes that the scale will drop again.  It hasn’t.

Help!  What do I do?  I’ve reviewed my points (staying pretty much within my daily allowance and only occasionally dipping into my 49), making sure I definitely hit all my Healthy Checks, been hitting the gym (or walking the dogs or raking leaves) so I’ve definitely been moving….so what else can I do?  For once this isn’t about me offering information or advice, I’m looking to you the reader to help me.  Whether or not you’ve done Weight Watchers or just a diet what did you do differently to get unstuck from a plateau?

I read this on the Weight Watchers site “It’s a phenomenon familiar to most people who’ve tried to shed excess pounds: You’re close to your weight-loss goal, and suddenly the numbers on the scale refuse to budge.”  That’s exactly what is happening to me, I’m 7 pounds from my goal weight.  So I guess this plateau is to be expected.  I’d just like it to move along and not stay for an extended visit.  Please comment with any suggestions you might have to help me (and others who experience this) get over this little speed bump in my/our journey.

You Don’t Have to Break Your Points Bank

Ever crave a particular food but just don’t want to use your points for it?   Here are a few food suggestions that will help you get the salty, fatty, sweet, etc. goodness you are craving without having to use up lots of points.

Mentioned at a meeting one week by a member – Skinny Fries available at Trader Joe’s.  65 “fries” for only 3 points.  I like that if I halve my portion I still have plenty of salty snack goodness with even fewer points.

I discovered this at the grocery store the other day – Special K Cracker Chips (in sea salt or sour cream and onion).  30 chips for 3 points.  They taste pretty good and give you that potato chip feeling/flavor without all the fat, calories or points.

Also Special K Multi-Grain Crackers – 24 crackers for 3 points.  They work really well with a fresh apple and the apple doesn’t cost you any points.  Or if you want to add my next ingredient, only add 1 more point to your snack.

I love cheese.  I love mayonnaise.  I’ve found that switching to Laughing Cow Light Wedges I can get both the cheese I crave and the fattiness from the mayo without using a lot of points.  When I make my wraps instead of mayo or cheese I can spread 2 wedges of Laughing Cow light and I only have to use 1 point!  It comes in oh so many flavors – original swiss, garlic and herb, blue cheese, French onion, mozzarella sun-dried tomato and basil, and queso fresco and chipotle.  You are sure to find one you like.  I don’t miss mayo anymore now that I have Laughing Cow.

Bagels – who doesn’t love bagels?  I sure do but don’t love the points they cost me.  In comes Nature’s Own Bagel Thins (in cinnamon raisin, original and whole wheat).  3 points!  Add some Egg Beaters and fresh tomato for a yummy low point but filling breakfast.  A member mentioned at our meeting this past weekend that Einstein Brother’s also has a thin bagel and can add egg whites to it for a yummy low point breakfast.  I think she said you have to ask because it’ may not be listed on the menu.

If I hear of any other good snack/food items that don’t break your points bank, I’ll be sure to come back and update this post.

Double Your Pleasure Without Doubling Your Points

Optical illusions are sometimes all it takes.  I personally love canned black olives.  4 large pitted black olives equal 1 point.  Not bad to add that to my salad.  However, I’m a person who could normally eat a whole can and think nothing of it (sure that’s a lot more than just 1 point)!  My solution – cut them in half.  So my salad now looks like I have 8 olives on it instead of 4.  And if I’m feeling really decade I can add 2 more olives and my points don’t change (so now I have 12 olives on my salad).  For some reason this works for me and I feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck (or points).  I’ve tried this with other things that I love but don’t want to increase my points on – cutting them in half so my points don’t go up but it looks like I’m getting more of them.