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When I Was A Child, I Ate Like A Child

Something seems to happen when we become adults.  We seem to forget what our parents tried to instill in us all those years ago.  Some very good advice was shared by a new “lifetime” member at Saturday’s meeting.  She had just read an article (and I too remember reading about this) that we need to go back to our childhood when it comes to eating.

The article’s point was we need to eat more like we did when we were children.  Our parents encouraged us to eat our fruits and veggies and to make sure we drank our glass of milk.  As Weight Watchers members this fits right into the program since most fruits and veggies are zero points value.  We need to include at least 5 servings as part of our Healthy Checks.  Also we need anywhere from 2-3 servings of dairy a day (depending on age or whether you are nursing).  Drinking that glass of milk during your meal is an easy way to get at least 1 serving in.

Also children tend to eat smaller portions and more frequently.  This is another thing that we tend to forget as we get older.  We settle into the 3 big meals a day routine because of work/school/life.  It is better to have 5 smaller portioned meals or snacks between those 3 main meals than it is to try and cram all our calories into 3 sittings.

So embrace your inner child and eat like one!  Okay, maybe minus the bib and throwing strained peas across the room 😉


Salad Lovers Beware

Many of us and not just those on Weight Watchers love salads.  The latest salmonella scare has hit bagged salads.   So double-check that bag before you make your lunch or dinner!

While on the topic of salads I thought I’d mention a few tips about making them so you don’t blow all your points.  If you are using eTools you maybe familiar with the “cheat sheet” sections.  I find them very enlightening because they teach me how to make better choices in regards to certain foods (such as the grill, cocktails, Mexican, etc.).  They also have one for salad savvy.

Don’t fall into the trap that all salads are healthy or low points because they have lots of veggies.  Things like chicken, cheese, avocados, and croutons can suddenly make a 0 point meal bloom into 20 something points!  I learned the hard way early on in my weight loss journey.  I was at lunch with a friend and in too much of a hurry to consult my eTools or use my smartphone to surf for nutritional information for the restaurant.  We were at La Madeleine and I saw the Spinach Salad with Chicken and thought not only yummy but should be low point.  That was until I looked at their nutritional information later….10 points just for the salad.  Okay, I can handle that.  Maybe a bit more than I normally allow myself for lunch but still a healthier choice than some menu items.  That was until I looked up the dressing!  I got the balsamic vinaigrette thinking it was a better choice.  I took my smartphone with the Weight Watchers app and was appalled at the  number.   Not every restaurant does salads the same way.  SO a spinach salad at one place maybe high in points and not at another – make sure you check and don’t assume.

A trick I learned long ago that sticks with me now is a big help in keeping those salad points down.  Make sure you get the dressing on the side.  Many places are offering that as the default way salads come but make sure you ASK (see my post on asking).   Another great tip is to either take a fork full of salad and dip just one small part into the salad dressing or even better yet just dip the fork into the dressing first then stab your salad.  You will certainly consume less fat and calories from the dressing this way and the salad will still taste great!