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Read This!

It was inevitable, considering where I work, that at some point I would have to post some book recommendations.  Two titles revealed themselves to me today.  Although I’ve not read either (one I have the other, I will have to purchase) they both seemed promising so I thought I’d share them any way.

The first title I spied on our new non-fiction cart at the Howard County Library – “52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You” by Brett Blumenthal.  The title alone intrigued me.  From skimming through it (and reading the back cover) it seems to adhere to many of the same things we learn in Weight Watchers.  I loved the first line on the back cover and I quote “Let’s face it: change is easier said than done, especially when it comes to managing your health amidst the chaos of everyday life.

The basis of this book is to make 1 small change each week and in a year’s time you’ll be healthier and happier.  Very much the same thing we learn at Weight Watchers.  Our leader, Pat,  often asks when someone has a celebration “What did you change or do differently?”  Each of us changes many things from eating healthier to exercising more to controlling our portions.  I think this book can only help me on my journey and support what I’ve already learned from the wise and wonderful members of Weight Watchers.  I highly recommend reading it – check your local library or buy from your favorite bookstore.

The second title came to me via Facebook this afternoon.  I happened to check my news feed when I saw a post from Weight Watchers Supermarket Foods about a new cookbook “Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook“.  Again I haven’t read these recipes yet so I can’t really say how great this book is but I’ve not been disappointed by any of the Weight Watcher cookbooks I’ve bought so far.  What I really like about this link on Facebook was that the site selling this book links to many vendors including Kobo, Sony Reader and iBooks so for those who love e-books you have options and for those who love “tree books” you can order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Books a Million among others.  I downloaded samples from both Barnes and Noble and for Kindle to use on my Asus Transformer Prime tablet.

I’m looking forward to both of these titles (one in “tree book” form) and the other (the cookbook) I’m going to purchase in e-book format so I can use it on my tablet while cooking.  I don’t think you could go wrong with either one as you will gleam some piece of information or a recipe that can change, even if it’s a small one, how you are doing things today.



We all have decided to make a change.  We changed our old habits which got us to come to Weight Watchers in the first place to new habits which are part of our new journey.  Change is hard for most humans.  Taking that first step is the hardest and the most important.

An underlying theme of our meeting this past week seemed to be – Change.  Several of us (myself included) hit goals from 5 lbs to 25 lbs to Lifetime.  Our leader asked each of us what we did differently.  What I got out of it was we all changed something.  Not just that first change (of joining Weight Watchers) but at some point into the process we changed things up.

One member has a personal trainer who makes sure her exercise isn’t the same all the time therefore keeping her body guessing.  You don’t have to have a personal trainer to do this.  Do you walk?  Change your route one or two days a week – find a place with more hills – or just go the opposite way around the track.  Not only will it give you a different view but your body will realize things aren’t the same and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Change your food.  Don’t always eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Perhaps you eat a lot of chicken, turkey or fish – go ahead and have some lean beef one day.  I had a leader who swore that she did this and that week she lost 5 lbs.  Now your results may vary but keeping your body guessing by changing up food and/or exercise will definitely give your weight loss journey a boost.

So don’t be afraid to change.  In this case change can really be your best friend.

Taking an idea and running with it

This blog isn’t about me.  Instead it’s about all of us who are members of Weight Watchers.  It’s about sharing our knowledge which makes us all stronger and able to work the program better.   This isn’t even my idea but instead one that was suggested by another member at my Saturday meeting in Timonium, MD.   A fellow member wanted to start a way for all the great information/knowledge/advice we share with each other in the meetings to be available for all the members no matter which day they attend a meeting.

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a couple of weeks.  The original idea was a suggestion box where people would bring in hand written or typed ideas/information/suggestions and then they would be typed up.  If this took off it would be a lot of work to organize and how best to distribute this information.  So as I am techie/web 2.0 kinda girl what better than to start a blog?  So here we are.

The blog posts won’t be all my ideas but a mix of what I’ve discovered and what’s been shared at the meetings.  I may not know your name but I will attribute any information shared at meetings as contributed by members (and not me) .

Hope others can find information shared on this blog to help their journey with Weight Watchers or any other lifestyle change they make.

Beth Tribe