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We all have decided to make a change.  We changed our old habits which got us to come to Weight Watchers in the first place to new habits which are part of our new journey.  Change is hard for most humans.  Taking that first step is the hardest and the most important.

An underlying theme of our meeting this past week seemed to be – Change.  Several of us (myself included) hit goals from 5 lbs to 25 lbs to Lifetime.  Our leader asked each of us what we did differently.  What I got out of it was we all changed something.  Not just that first change (of joining Weight Watchers) but at some point into the process we changed things up.

One member has a personal trainer who makes sure her exercise isn’t the same all the time therefore keeping her body guessing.  You don’t have to have a personal trainer to do this.  Do you walk?  Change your route one or two days a week – find a place with more hills – or just go the opposite way around the track.  Not only will it give you a different view but your body will realize things aren’t the same and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Change your food.  Don’t always eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Perhaps you eat a lot of chicken, turkey or fish – go ahead and have some lean beef one day.  I had a leader who swore that she did this and that week she lost 5 lbs.  Now your results may vary but keeping your body guessing by changing up food and/or exercise will definitely give your weight loss journey a boost.

So don’t be afraid to change.  In this case change can really be your best friend.


Exercise Takes Time

Today at our meeting a member shared that she is working with a personal trainer.  This trainer reminded his clients that if they are feeling more hungry it is because they are exercising more.  Try not to give into unhealthy snacks.  This resonated with me.  I’ve been feeling more hungry lately.  Having join my husband’s gym lately my type of exercise has not only changed but increased.  So I’m going to make sure I have more Power Foods around me so I don’t give into temptation.  But I also need to remember that I’m not to deprive myself.

She also shared that when you first start WW program and you increase your exercise you may not notice a change.  Her trainer says it takes about 3-4  months for your body to register this change.  So keep at it.  The change will happen even if your body doesn’t register it right away – it takes time but it well worth it!  I’m not an athletic or exercise type of person.  However, I love how I feel afterwards.  It is definitely the hardest part of the program for me but it is a necessary part of the weight loss equation.  I just have to look at my weight tracker to know that sticking with it is so worth it.


Beth Tribe