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Are You On The Level?

First off I most apologize for being so behind in my blogging.  I could give you plenty of excuses (legit ones even) but I won’t insult your intelligence.  I made choices in my life and blogging the last couple of weeks just wasn’t one of them.  There I owned it!  Okay onto the good stuff.

Our March 10th meeting was all about all about measuring.  It was a great reminder (especially to me since I’m on maintenance and have gotten a bit lax in my habits) to all of us that after doing the program for a while we tend to loosen up.  Our challenge was to take a look at how we measure our portions.

Lots of things can get in our way (just like getting in the way of blogging) and they keep us from measuring (or tracking, etc.).  Life gets busy, too many commitments, we eyeball or guess at sizes, in a hurry, eat out too much or use incorrect measuring instruments.  As one person pointed out if you’ve been eyeballing your measurements it tend to get a bit bigger over time.  What started out as a quarter cup can especially sneak up to a half cup without us realizing it but we are only tracking the quarter cup points!

Some suggestions were to use a smaller plate.  Almost every chef/cook I’ve ever talked to or watched on TV will say that you “eat with your eyes first”.  This isn’t all about Martha Stewart and presentation (although that isn’t to be discounted) but we can actually trick ourselves out by using smaller plates, bowls, etc.  Our leader, Pat, gave us a prime example.  In a normal size cereal bowl she placed 3/4 of a cup of cereal.  It looked like there was hardly anything in the bowl.  Our minds  might think we are getting cheated or that won’t satisfy me so I’ll just add a little more.  She took the exact same cereal (and amount) and then placed it in a smaller bowl it looked like a bonus!

Measuring is important.  Sometimes you are over doing it but other times you might be surprised to find out you aren’t giving yourself enough.  Some suggestions to help you stay “on the level” with your measuring:

  • Use the proper tools (like the very attractive Weight Watchers Easy Measure Spoons)
  • Level those measuring spoons (1/2 cup is not a ROUNDED 1/2 cup)
  • Ask servers about the portions (servers/waiters can be your best ally)
  • Track those extra BLTs!  (bites, licks, tastes = they add up)

Our leader, Pat, remarked at our next meeting that she focused on her dairy creamer in her coffee.  She had not been measuring it and had just been guessing by the color of the coffee as to when to stop.  She was really surprised to find out that she was using too much.  Also she discovered that if she used Half & Half instead of dairy creamer it got lighter a lot sooner (so less tablespoons).  Nice to know even those who have done the program for years need reminders to measure.


2 by Two

One of the tips I would recommend to new WW members, buy two!  Two sets of measuring cups, two sets of measuring spoons.  Measuring your food helps you in many ways.  Weighing or measuring ingredients keeps you honest.  Sometimes you have to make a guess when you are eating out but no excuse when you are at home.  If you have 2 sets you can’t use the excuse “Oh, the cup (or spoons) are dirty and I don’t feel like washing them.”  Having 2 sets ensures that you can always measure accurately and track better.  So just like Noah’s ark, it is helpful to have 2 of everything (or at least your measuring cups and spoons).