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Name Change But Address Stays The Same

I’ve been contemplating what to do since a few weeks ago my original Weight Watchers meeting point was closed down.  We all moved to the new location (new location same great faces – leader and receptionists).   When I first started this blog I struggled with what to call it but finally settled on WW Timonium to reflect that what I was trying to do was share the great information that was discussed each week at our meetings in Timonium.

I then also started sharing things I picked up along the way and the name didn’t quite ring true for me anymore but I didn’t want to change it.  Then we got word that our location in Timonium was closing and we’d be moving to Towson location.  I started going to the Towson location just after Thanksgiving and soon came to the conclusion that keeping the blog as WW Timonium was unfair and untrue.  For some time I considered starting a second blog and have posts mirror here but that didn’t seem efficient.  Then it dawned on me – just change the name but not the address.

So what to call this blog now?  I struggled again until I was typing WW Meeting Notes (which was my first name change) and realized that the WW stood not only for Weight Watchers but for Wise and Wonderful – meaning all the wonderful wisdom we share each week with each other.  So I settled on WW (Wise and Wonderful): Sharing What We Learn which I feel reflects the true mission of this blog better.  It isn’t always about stuff I want to share but also about the great things I learn from others in the meetings and my wanting to share that with others so we can all learn.

Although the name has changed the URL (or address) has not so if you are subscribed to this blog your RSS or email feeds should still work.


Moving On

Just wanted to remind any readers of this blog that had attended Weight Watchers meetings at the Timonium location (22 West Padonia Road) that the center is now closed.  Our beloved leaders and receptionists will be moving to a new location.  Our center along with 2 others will combine into the new location of 6356 York Road.

Since many of us love Pat, our leader, here are her meeting times:

  • Tuesdays – 4, 5:30 and 7 pm
  • Saturdays – 11 am and 1 pm

This center will have more hours and more meetings to accommodate people.  I know for some this will not become their new meeting location and I will miss those members.  I look forward to meeting new members and hearing what they have to share because we can’t do it on our own and collectively we know a lot!


Taking an idea and running with it

This blog isn’t about me.  Instead it’s about all of us who are members of Weight Watchers.  It’s about sharing our knowledge which makes us all stronger and able to work the program better.   This isn’t even my idea but instead one that was suggested by another member at my Saturday meeting in Timonium, MD.   A fellow member wanted to start a way for all the great information/knowledge/advice we share with each other in the meetings to be available for all the members no matter which day they attend a meeting.

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a couple of weeks.  The original idea was a suggestion box where people would bring in hand written or typed ideas/information/suggestions and then they would be typed up.  If this took off it would be a lot of work to organize and how best to distribute this information.  So as I am techie/web 2.0 kinda girl what better than to start a blog?  So here we are.

The blog posts won’t be all my ideas but a mix of what I’ve discovered and what’s been shared at the meetings.  I may not know your name but I will attribute any information shared at meetings as contributed by members (and not me) .

Hope others can find information shared on this blog to help their journey with Weight Watchers or any other lifestyle change they make.

Beth Tribe