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Being Sneaky

My husband has an absolute hatred for vegetables and fruit which makes it very hard to stick to a healthy diet let alone work the Weight Watchers plan.  However, I’ve become very adept at hiding things or being sneaky.

I’ve learned to blend fruits in protein shakes or if I chop up vegetables very fine and add them to sauces (making sure they are fully cooked [so the opposite of me] he really hates any kind of crunch) he doesn’t even realize what he is eating.  He has said on numerous occasions that he has really enjoyed my meals lately.  The other night he even said I outdid myself because he saw the different components before they were put together – once he had it all combined they tasted wonderful!

So when my co-worker this morning was sharing her roasted vegetables recipe I thought I would share it here too.

Courtsey of Ruth Vargas

Sweet potatoes – chopped into bite size pieces
Butternut Squash – chopped into bite size pieces
Carrots – chopped into bite size pieces
1 full head of Garlic
Onions (I’m thinking either red or Vidalia would be great) – chopped into bite size pieces

Some olive oil, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper to taste.  Roast in a 425 degree oven until potatoes and squash are done.

(my suggestion is if you don’t like sweet potatoes you can substitute something like Yukon Gold potatoes)

I did a preliminary calculation in the Recipe Builder on e-Tools and come up with 5 points per serving.

I like the idea of taking the head of garlic and squeezing it over the vegetables once they are roasted (roasted garlic is so mild and buttery).  Also maybe adding some red peppers to the mix.   I think I’ll puree it after they are roasted so I can use them as a sauce and my husband won’t be the wiser (unless he is reading my blog).  🙂


Healthy 2 Go

One of the hardest parts of staying on my weight loss journey has been choosing healthy choices when I’m on the go.  Fast food restaurants are a plenty but they often don’t have many options.

I’ve discovered a surprising place that stocks fresh fruit and vegetables in individual packages, string cheese and even yogurt – Royal Farms!   Most convenience stores attached to gas stations seem to only stock sweet treats and fatty snacks so I was very surprised to find that Royal Farms also had healthy alternatives.

This is great for a quick snack while you are gassing up your car but what if you really need a full meal?  I would recommend if you have a smartphone that you either access the site Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone or download the app (for Android and iPhone).  Practically every restaurant is listed and they have calculated the Point Plus value for items on the menu.  This helps making a decision as to which restaurant to eat in as well as what food to eat a whole lot less stressful when you are on the go!


Cleaning Out My Closet

Today’s meeting was about cleaning out your home so that it helps you with your journey.  Keeping healthy choices in your kitchen – not eating food (or keeping) food in your bedroom but also about cleaning out your clothes.  As we lose weight things obviously no longer fit.  Our leader asked us if any of us still had clothes that don’t fit (as in too large) in our closets.  I know I’m guilty of that.

We need to not keep those clothes anymore – we hope (and work hard) to not get back to that point where we need them.  Goodwill Industries and consignment shops are the perfect solution.  Let others benefit from your healthy choices and weight loss.  So on this perfect fall weekend go ahead and clean out your closet of clothes that no longer fit – donate them so someone else can benefit.

Another benefit of consignment shops and Goodwill is an option for that transitional period everyone goes through on their weight loss journey.  If you haven’t reached your goal yet but have lost enough that clothes aren’t fitting correctly, stop at Goodwill or consignment shops to pickup some clothes that fit now without paying full price.

While you are at it clean out your pantry as well.  Weight Watchers is still collecting 1 lb of food for every pound you lose as part of their Lose for Good program.   So if you’ve held onto any food you aren’t using why not let someone who is less fortunate benefit as well getting rid of that tempting item from your pantry.

Fall is the perfect time for cleaning out closets, pantries and all the other baggage we have that may slow down our weight loss journey.  So take a few moments and do some good for yourself (it can count as activity points as well as getting rid of things that no longer fit or you no longer eat) as well as someone else.