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Shopping Helper

I don’t know about you but I can always use some help when shopping – especially at the grocery store!  I saw something posted on Weight Watchers Supermarket Foods Facebook page that got me thinking about all the great help we have available to us so I thought I’d list some of my favs here:

  • Hungry Girl’s Official 2012 Supermarket List (this is what got me thinking)
  • – one of my favorite web sites for recipes but it also has a shopping list feature which leads me to
  • ZipList – which is not only a web site but they have an app for your Android or iPhone (love this app use it every week – some of the cool features is it allows you to scan UPC symbol on packages and will automatically enter them into your shopping list, being able to select my store [Giant Food] so things are grouped according to how they arrange the store, being able to list the number of items I need (6 cans of chicken broth), price and size plus a lot more)
  • Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner (available for iPhone & Android) – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  It is a time saver in the supermarket.  The other day I was trying to find string cheese that was only 1 pt, so I was able to scan the UPC code and the app did the rest!  It told me how many points and gave me the option to track it.  It also keeps a history of items I scan and I can add them to a shopping list.

So if you are like me and love how technology can help you (okay when it works or we aren’t doing it wrong) then I suggest you try some of these to see if they don’t make your next shopping trip a bit easier.


Life Just Got a Little Easier

Life for those of us who shop and try our best to stick to our points just got a little easier.  Weight Watchers just released a new app for Android and iPhone that is a real-time saver at the grocery store!

The new Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner app scans the UPC barcode on packages and then automatically calculates the PointsPlus value.  On top of that greatness alone it will allow you to track right from the app so you don’t have to get out of it and open the other app or use the mobile site.  It also keeps a history of items you scanned (helpful if you use certain products on a regular basis).  And if for some reason it can’t find the UPC barcode in the database it offers to bring up the calculator so you can figure it out manually.

Not only all of these great features but it also allows you to add it to a shopping list!  I really love this because I’ve been playing with several apps lately that keep your grocery list on your phone via an app.  I’ve really liked ZipList as it also puts the items in order by whatever store you are shopping.  It also has a list of recipes sites (not the official Weight Watchers site but one that uses the PointPlus program) and you can click on a link that will add the ingredients from the recipe into the shopping list.  But with ZipList if I came across a new items at the store that I didn’t know the points value for I had to exit the app and then go over to the Weight Watchers app to use the calculator.  Now with the new barcode scanner app from WW I can have both my shopping list, scanner and calculator all in one place.

The is the best early Christmas present WW could have given a person like me.  Thank you!